Levens B4RN Project Hyperfast Broadband for our Community

1000 mbps fibre to the door Hyperfast Broadband.

A volunteer run community project for the benifit of Levens Parish


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Who We Are and Our Goal

We are local residents who have agreed to form a group to get Levens connected to the B4RN network. 

We would encourage any village residents to consider joining our efforts.

Test your current internet connection speed at www.speedtest.net 

If you are connected to BT or Talk Talk Superfast Broadband the fastest you are likely to be getting is 30Mbs. Just image the difference if you were receiving 30 times that speed. If you are still connected by the older ADSL technology you might be getting only 1  Mbs in which case your speed could be 1000 times faster. 

At £30 per month the B4RN connection is usually no more expensive than your current connection. They can do this by being a community based not-for-profit organisation. As such all profits are ploughed back into improving the service or into local communities.

Email Updates Subscription

We have recently changed our Email system to a Mailchimp database that allows yourselves to subscribe, add your own details, check your preferences and allows us to confirm the same and update all or sub groups as often as required.